Malad Valley Welsh Festival

June 26th - June 29th 2014

Malad City, Idaho 

The residents of Malad Valley would like to invite everyone to the Malad Valley Welsh Festival this year. We are celebrating the rich Welsh heritage that has contributed to the quality of life in the settlement of this beautiful valley.

Welsh pioneers were the first to settle in the Malad Valley in the 1860s. One of their many Welsh traditions was an annual cultural arts event called an eisteddfod, with roots going back 900 years. This event was held locally for many years until it was discontinued before World War 1.

Today, Malad Valley has the largest per capita concentration of people of Welsh ancestry outside the country of Wales itself. For that reason, many residents of the Valley wanted to reestablish their Welsh roots. In 2005, after a 90 year break, this annual cultural event, now called the Malad Valley Welsh Festival, once again became a reality.

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Location  of Welsh Festival:

Malad City Park is located between Oneida County Library and LDS Second Ward Church on 100 West.  Most activities are at the Park and the LDS Church building. Follow the Welsh flags to the Park.

Malad is located on I-15, 13 miles north of the Idaho/Utah stateline.  Malad is 100 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah, and 55 miles south of Pocatello, Idaho.

Map  to Malad
Follow the flags to our Malad City Park


Village Inn Motel (208-766-4761)
Chantilly Bed and Breakfast (208-766-4961)
Abigail’s Bed and Breakfast (435-757-6374) or
Granny’s Attic Vacation Rental (208-317-4369) or
K-C Campground (208-766-2759)

Campgrounds located at all reservoirs throughout          Oneida County

Accommodations are also available in nearby communities:
    Flags West Motel, Downey (15 minutes)
    Tremonton, UT (40 minutes)
    Logan, UT (50 minutes)
    Brigham City, UT (45 minutes)
    Pocatello, ID (50 minutes)

Campgrounds are located at all reservoirs throughout Oneida County.

For U.S. Forest Service campgrounds located within Oneida County call
1-877-444-6777 or see The three campgrounds within Oneida County are Malad Summit Campground, Third Creek Group Use Area, and Curlew Campground. Some campsites need reservations and some don't.

Eating Places:

Burger King
Purdum’s Pizza Place
Dude Ranch
Spero’s BBQ
Las Fiestas
Malad Drive In
The Pines
Me ‘n’ Lou’s
Tillie’s Mexican Cafe
Pizza Stop
Thomas Market Deli

Visit Malad, Idaho!

The Malad Valley Welsh Festival would like to give a special thanks to:

IFFT Foundation

The Malad Valley Welsh Festival would not be possible without our donors and sponsors. THANK YOU!


General Information (Malad City Office)
Susan Wittman, 208-766-4010

General Festival Chair and Fund Raising
Jean Thomas, 208-766-4417 or 5361

Welsh Family History Day
Marianne Crump, 208-766-4448

Joan Hawkins, 208-766-4773

Jean Thomas, 208-766-4417 or 5361

Family History Displays/Displays of Welsh Life
Bob Crowther, 208-766-4642

Dianne Pett, 208-766-4169

Welsh History/Culture Presentations
Jean Thomas, 208-766-4417-5361

Music Concerts (Choral, Youth, Piano-Duet, Male Vocalist)
Helen Ward, 208-766-4104

Kerry Evans, 208-766-4206

Liaison with Speakers/Presentations
Dotty Evanson, 208-766-4918

Saturday Musical Entertainment
Christy Oja, 208-766-4963

Heritage Games (Malad Middle School MathCounts Team)
Kathy Atkinson, 208-766-4469

Tracy Ward, 208-766-2297

Dragon Races (Malad High School Cross Country Team)
Tyrell Neal, 208-766-4728

Quilt Show
Audrey Jaussi, 208-766-4405

Welsh Film Festival (Malad Valley Theater Guild)
Mike Hess, Jr., 208-766-5558

8th Grade History Project Competition
Luke Waldron, 208-766-4139

Horsedrawn Wagon Tours
Sherrie and Rod Wangsgard, 208-766-2809

Community Cookout (Malad Senior Center)
Margaret Barker, 208-766-2250

Food Booths
Cory and Jill Daniels, 208-766-2110

Home Craft Booths
Roxanne Albretsen, 208-604-1234 or 766-4777

Welsh Country Store
Bobbi Ward, 208-766-4403

Welsh Society “Taste of Wales” Booth
Helen Ravsten, 208-766-2830

Information Booth
Debbie Horsley, 208-766-2622

Fay Cottle, 208-766-4847

Set up/Tear Down (Malad High School Football Team)
Steve and Shellee Daniels, 208-766-5500

Malad City Chamber of Commerce
Rhonda Neal, 208-766-4631

Oneida Pioneer Museum
Fay Cottle, 208-766-9247 or 4847
Christy Oja, 208-766-4963

Liaison with Presbyterian Church
Edna Palmer, 208-766-2777

Liaison with Samaria
Luke Waldron, 208-766-4139

Concession Stand Fund Raiser
Mike Williams, 208-766-4968

Malad Valley Welsh Society
Jean Thomas, President, 208-766-4417 or 5361